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Halloween Costumes For Redheads: Ginger Spice

Halloween Costumes For Redheads

Halloween Costumes For Redheads: Ginger Spice

Grab a bit of 90s nostalgia this Halloween by dressing up as the best Spice Girl there ever was, (obviously) Ginger Spice! Spunky, hilarious, and always dressed with a dash of fun, Geri Halliwell paved the way for redheads, empowering them to be loud and proud with their gingerness.

Because we’re totally in love with Ginger and her fashion choices, here are our top three Ginger Spice costumes, taken from Spice Girls music videos…


‘Spice Up Your Life’

This is undeniably the most appropriate of all the Spice Girls outfits for dressing up at Halloween. Thanks to the video’s dark tones, the girls’ make-up and outfits are 100% Gothic, with a lot of black going on.

Make-up: black, black, and a bit more black. Basically, go for a smoky eye all over your eyes, and then go over it and do it again. Finish off with a 90s-esque gloss on your lip, for nostalia’s sake.

ASOS: £22, $35


New Look at ASOS: £19.99, $32


Lipsy at ASOS: £58, $92


Daisy Street at ASOS: £39.99


ASOS: £5, $8


Love Rocks at ASOS: £30, $48

Keep your hair full and wild (Geri will be so proud) by backcombing at the root and setting with hairspray. Top it off with an all-important Gothic-looking hair band.




Being the first-ever splash of Spice Girls-ness the world was able to witness, ‘Wannabe’ is a classic choice for a Ginger Spice costume. It’s super easy too; just make sure you’re dressed up all in sequins, and add some high platforms or heels for good measure.

Hairwise, go straight and full-bodied with some backcombing and hairspray.

Missguided: £40


‘Who Do You Think You Are’


Ginger Spice’s red leather-esque playsuit in the ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ video is the ultimate outfit for redheads wanting to stand out at a Halloween party. It’s eye-catching, fun and, most importantly, oh-so gingerful! Team with red shoes and your golden.

Your make-up should be heavy on the mascara, using false eyelashes if you wish. Otherwise, crimp your hair or if you don’t have crimpers, create lots of small plaits/braids all over your head (or as much as you can handle!) when your hair is wet, and unleash the tiny waves when dry. Backcomb if you wish and set with hairspray!

Missguided: £30


ASOS: £25, $40


By Emma

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