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‘Top Of Head With Red Hair’ Emoji Coming In June 2018!

‘Top Of Head With Red Hair’ Emoji Coming In June 2018!

We’re one step closer to knowing when a redhead emoji will become reality! Unicode’s all-important Emoji Subcommittee has officially recommended ginger hair to be included on smartphone keyboards, and it will likely happen in June 2018!

The ‘Top Of Head With Red Hair’ emoji is one of 67 Draft Candidates for encoding in Unicode 11.0. Next, it will be decided whether the ginger emoji is to become a Final Candidate at a Unicode meeting later this year. Other emojis on the list include curly hair, bald, white hair, and, er, a ‘frowning pile of poo’. Nice.

We hope that along with this ‘Top Of Head With Red Hair’ character that other redhead emojis will follow. Hey, maybe we’ll get a whole face next time?!

Let’s not get complacent though. Keep spreading the word about the need for ginger emojis!


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