Frequently Asked Questions About Redheads

It seems that people have a lot of questions about redheads, both about our ginger hair and our mysterious ways; all of which they feel can be answered by Google. I’ve hopped over to review the most frequently asked questions about gingers, so I can provide some quick-fire answers. Here is what people are burning to know (pun intended)…


Do redheads…

…feel pain differently?

Somewhat, we feel thermal pain more acutely, especially cold temperatures. There is also some research around redheads requiring more anaesthesia.

…go grey?

We can do, but many go from red to white. This process is actually called achromotrichia.


What? Yes, but using more sunscreen helps keep the wrinkles at bay.

…bleed more?

Basically, no. But we might bruise more.


How can redheads…


Some redheads’ skin can tan while others just can’t, but the majority of us choose to be pale and interesting or use fake tan.

…wear red?

I don’t agree with wardrobe rules for redheads – wear whatever looks good and embrace the RED!

…dye their hair?

Red is the most resilient pigment in hair, so it’s a tough one to dye, but with determination it can be done (though it’d be a shame).


Why are redheads…

…so weird?

Wow. Hmmmm, no.

…called ‘ginger’?

There a few reasons/theories!

…more attractive?

Oh, you little charmer! It might have something to do with genetic rarity.


Redheads have a few subtle physiological differences, along with the obvious ones (flaming locks), but essentially we’re the same.


Why are gingers…




Because we’re a minority, only 2% of the world!

…so hot?

I’m seeing a pattern here.


How do gingers…


If both partners carry a mutation of the MC1R gene then a little ginger may be born.

…steal souls?

At random.

…get freckles?

Our skin makes them to protect itself from UV rays, so they’re our version of a tan.


When two redheads love each other very much (even if they’re Secret Gingers)…


Why is the world so obsessed with gingers tanning? To be fair, this might have been asked by many a teenage redhead hoping to bronze. There’s no secret formula, either your skin gets brown in the sun or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, no biggie, be proud and porcelain.


How do you say redhead in…


Roux (as in La Roux, remember her?).


Testa Rossa.






Bean Rua (woman) or Fear Rua (man).


What are redheads…

…known for?



Oh, I know this one! People.


This would be opening a can of worms.

…good at?

Adapting, standing out, and other skills across the standard human spectrum.

…attracted to?



When are…

…redheads going extinct?

If the recessive ginger gene is affected by climate change, then it would take many hundreds of years to see a decline. At the moment it’s just a theory that we don’t believe.

…ginger emojis coming out?

It should be next year – one question, why only wavy red hair?

…gingerbread lattes back at Starbucks?

We can’t actually control that.


By Lucie


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Lucie is an art, music and ginger-hair-loving freelancer who will happily discuss the science behind your hair with people's retreating backs anytime. She spends her days writing, making things, scouring Etsy for accessories and anxiously awaiting the new series of Broad City. This nearly 30-something tries to schedule in at least one walk a day, in case her hips seize up. Her hair is somewhere between brown and ginger, so she optimistically thinks of herself as a redhead, and (rather thankfully) has the skin and eyebrows to back it up.

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