13 Questions Redheads Are Tired of Hearing (So Stop Asking Them)

We’ve all been there. Standing casually at a bar, bus stop, post office, wherever, minding your own business. But there’s this awkward silence that someone in the vicinity has to fill.

Naturally, the subject turns to your red hair, because, why wouldn’t it? It is a shiny ginger beacon, after all, and it simply must be admired by all who see it.

But, non-redheads, the gingers of the world want you to know that enough is enough. We’re bored of all those questions about heritage, our tanning abilities and whether the carpets do indeed match the curtains. Here are the questions to avoid.


1. Is that your natural hair colour?


2. Why don’t you dye your hair?


3. Does the carpet match the curtains?


4. Do you ever wish you weren’t ginger?


5. Is your whole family ginger?


6. Are you Irish?


7. Are you Scottish?


8. Does anyone ever tell you that you look like *insert redhead celebrity name here*


9. Are you wild in bed?


10. Can’t you tan at all?


11. Do you have a fiery temper?


12. Don’t you just loooove Ed Sheeran?


13. Are redheads going extinct?


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