The Best Ginger Comebacks For Redheads

Have you been called “Ginger” for the umpteenth time (and not in a good way)? It’s about time a ginger comeback was sent their way to keep them quiet.


“Oh, well done. You’re not colourblind.”


“You’re just mad that my hair colour can be found in a rainbow and yours can only be found in the dirt.”


“Well you’re *insert ‘blonde’ or ‘brunette’* but I’m not complaining.”


“You’re just angry that you’re average-looking and I’m not.”


“At least my hair doesn’t look like I’ve washed it in dirt.”


“Wow, I’ve never noticed.”


“Hello? Yep, that’s me. Can I help you?”


“Yeah, well, Disney loves me.”

Disney redheads


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