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Ginger Love Stories: Earl & Ginger

Ginger Love Stories: Earl & Ginger

My boyfriend Earl and I met in the summer of 2000, as his sister was one of my best friends. Back then I was in my early 20s, with Earl being about three years younger than me. Back then, we didn’t think that much about each other because I was married and he was just messing around having fun.

But in 2011, I was going through a divorce and Earl was single. And after I hung out with Earl’s sister April and we met each other again, we haven’t been apart since. Earl and I both had kids from previous relationships, none of whom had red hair. But now we have two little red-haired girls together.

Previous to Earl, I dated a few redheads (after all, my favorite color is red!), but Earl had never dated a redhead before. Earl said that he had just never been around any redheads much (except from a fair number of redheads in his family), but he always thought I was pretty.

Dating another redhead has its amusements. One day Earl and I went to a gas station and someone asked me if he was my brother. We get accused of that a lot! So now its an ongoing joke to tease me in public – Earl hugs and kisses me and says loudly, “Now, Ginger, give your brother a big kiss.” He’s quite the comedian when he wants to be.

We both especially love having red hair. It makes us different, and we love it! Both us having red hair means that your partner understands that when you say you need sunscreen you really need sunscreen! And if you just had surgery and you need more pain medication then they better get it to you sharpish because you need more than the average person! Our two little girls with red hair are awesome, and they have that fiery temper for sure. Although Earl and I were both in our late 30s having kids I don’t know what I would do without our two little redheads.


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Our Ginger Love Stories will explore the cute, quirky and gingerful tales of red-haired couples. Aside from comparing freckle-to-porcelain-ratio and being able to share each other’s sunscreen, a ginger woman and a ginger man would have 100% certainty of having redheaded children (which is a wonderful thing to behold)!

Do you have a Ginger Love Story to tell? Contact us to share your redhead dating and coupling experiences, and we’ll feature your story!


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