Ginger Love Stories: Hanna & Fabian

In 2015, I made friends with a classmate. She lived in a very small village and in July of that year she celebrated her 16th birthday. I was invited to her party, and on that day my life changed.

My friend’s family lives at a farm, and her grandfather, father and her brother are all farmers. At the party we celebrated outside because of the beautiful weather and we all wandered to a small hill. Some guys wanted to celebrate with us because they were bored so we were happy for the company.

Then the magic moment happened. Among the new group was my friend’s brother, Fabian. I had already heard of his red hair but in real life it looked even more beautiful (maybe because of the sunlight) and I was totally drawn to him. We talked for a while, but I found out that Fabian was in a relationship (he said he was unhappy but wasn’t sure about breaking up with her) so we talked about normal things. But after the party, one of Fabian’s friends gave him my number and we messaged for a while. Our relationship flourished from there, and we message each other more and more. At first he wasn’t a fan of red hair like me, so I had to convince him with my personality…fortunately it worked!

Previous to Fabian, I had never dated another redhead, but I’ve always loved ginger boys ever since I was 14. It has to be said that dating another redhead can be strange at times. People often think we’re siblings because of the red hair. Sometimes, when we are in the city with Fabian’s sister, everybody thinks she is his girlfriend and I’m the sister! But there are plenty of great things about being in a redhead couple. The amazing difference to dating another redhead to any other hair colour is that it is so rare. Two redheads meeting and falling in love is very special in my opinion as it doesn’t occur often.

I’m massively proud of my red hair and I’ve always wanted redhead children (I have to save our endangered species by having ginger babies!). I like the idea of a cute little girl with beautiful red hair wearing a white dress with flowers and I think a family picture only with redheads would be quite a sight! Fabian was never very proud of his hair colour because he was bullied at school when he was young, but I helped him to accept his red hair and now he likes it better (but not as much as I love it).

It might’ve been a journey for Fabian to like both his and my red hair, but for me it was love at first sight. We’ve now been together for 17 months and it’s been the best 17 months of my life.


Our Ginger Love Stories will explore the cute, quirky and gingerful tales of red-haired couples. Aside from comparing freckle-to-porcelain-ratio and being able to share each other’s sunscreen, a ginger woman and a ginger man would have 100% certainty of having redheaded children (which is a wonderful thing to behold)!

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