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Photography: Fairytale Portraits of Redheads and Foxes

Photography: Fairytale Portraits of Redheads and Foxes

Russian photographer Alexandra Bochkareva loves redheads so much that she constantly takes photos of them. Ginger photography is her favourite thing to do and we can’t blame her, particularly when her latest collection of redheads with foxes is so cute and mind-blowing!

In the collection, Alexandra uses a manual Helios 77m-4 lens to capture trained fox Alice together with redhead Polina in the woodland setting, and red-haired Olga in the snow setting, with the two backgrounds perfectly accentuating their red hair/fur.

Redhead fox photography2

Alexandra isn’t a redhead herself, but her love of photographing natural looks combined with nature pushed her to appreciate the beauty of red hair. She said “Redheads are special for me. When I started to make portraits my sister was my first freckled muse.”

And despite Alice being a domesticated fox, it wasn’t all plain sailing: “We had lots of cute and funny moments, but also there were difficulties – to catch the moments, Alice was moving every second!”

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For more of Alexandra’s redheads and foxes photography, view the gallery at the top of the page or follow Alexandra on Instagram.

By Emma

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