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Couple’s Halloween Costumes For Redheads: Demelza Carne and Ross Poldark

Couple’s Halloween Costumes For Redheads: Demelza Carne and Ross Poldark

Flame-haired Demelza Carne currently graces our TV screens on Sunday nights in BBC’s Poldark, so what more topical Halloween costume can there be? Well, we can do one better, with a double whammy, a couple’s fancy dress idea: Demelza Carne and Ross Poldark.

He’s rugged and charming, she’s headstrong and feisty. Here’s how to do this couple’s Halloween costume right.

Demelza Carne

Maroon blouse ASOS



ASOS green maxi skirt



Demelza’s hair

If you have long red hair, curl sections of your hair and randomly pin strands back from your face so it flows behind your back (see top photo).

For shorter hair, scoop your curled hair up so it’s off the back of your neck, and pin randomly.

For both style, find some flowers and poke the stems into your finished do for a wild, Demelza-like look.


Ross Poldark

Poldark trench coat



Topman white shirt



Khaki chinos


Think “genteel yet rugged”. Add a pair of worn black boots, a tricorn hat, and a stern stare, and you’re ready to make your entrance into society as Demelza Carne and Ross Poldark!


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