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Ginger Parrot Interviews…Elizabeth Graeber, Creator of ‘A Field Guide To Redheads’

Celebrating red hair through any medium is OK by us (in fact, we get a little giddy by the idea). Literature, songs, events, photography, art – you name it, we love anything that celebrates gingerness.

A Field Guide to Redheads by Elizabeth Graeber is at the top of our list of favourite ginger jubilations. The 160-page illustrated book is the cutest collection of ginger wonderment and great as a gift for any redheaded pal (or for yourself). We caught up with book creator Elizabeth Graeber about her gingerful life and illustrations.


What made you want to create a book all about redheads?

Redheads are unique and always stand out and as a redhead I thought it would be a fun topic to illustrate! I like to draw from themes and there are so many good redheads, it was fun to illustrate. Now that the book is out, its nice to have them all together in a book to flip through with the portraits and little facts.

Field Guide to Redheads Lucille Ball

How did you get into illustration?

I always liked to draw and studied illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Since graduating I have been working as a freelance illustrator, drawing for magazines, website, books and painting murals on walls.


Why do you think it’s important to celebrate red hair?

There are so many talented and special redheads – actors, artists, writers, chefs, animated characters – that it’s hard not to celebrate them! That is one of my favourite parts of the book, all of the different types of careers everyone has but they all relate through their hair colour.


I always liked that I was a little different. People always pointed out my red hair but it never bothered me.


What was it like for you growing up with red hair?

I was the only redhead in my family, and I always liked that I was a little different. People always pointed out my red hair but it never bothered me. Now that I’ve illustrated this book I think it’s fun to be in such nice company with all these great redheads.

Field Guide to Redheads Morris the Cat Elton John

Do you believe that your hair colour contributes to your personality and identity?

I think so! Redheads are thought to be more wild and from the redheads in this book I think that’s true. Carol Burnette with all her characters, David Bowie with his many different styles, Miss Frizzle with all her outfits to match each adventure, and Pippi Longstocking with her signature braids and polka dot horse.


Being a redhead is great because I carry some bright colour wherever I go!


What’s your best beauty tip for redheads?

Redheads look great wearing bright colours – some of my favourite colours to wear are teal, pink, gray, olive green. And freckles always look nice, too!


What is your advice to young redheads who are being bullied for their red hair?

Ignore them! Being different is always more interesting and that’s what redheads are.

Field Guide to Redheads Anne of Green Gables

What’s your favourite thing about being a redhead?

I love colour! Wearing colourful clothes and using bold colours in my illustrations always make me happy. Being a redhead is great because I carry some bright colour wherever I go!


Who’s your all-time favourite ginger?

It’s hard to pick just one, that’s why I illustrated a whole book of them! But one of my top favourites today is David Bowie for his fun style and music.


What’s next for you?

I have been working on lots of larger murals this year and am excited to continue with that! I have also been working with ceramics which is fun, making my drawings 3D.

Field Guide to Redheads book

Catch it while you can! We’re currently running an exclusive competition for 5 copies of A Field Guide to Redheads, and not only that, but the top prize is to have Elizabeth Graeber illustration you in the same style as the book! Click here for the competition and its rules.

A Field Guide to Redheads: An Illustrated Celebration is now available to buy online. Visit elizabethgraeber.com for more information.


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