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Beauty: ‘Freck Yourself’ Freckle Stencil Make-Up

We don’t need to tell you how beautiful freckles are – all redheads should be well aware by now.

But, with freckles covering every inch of natural redheads’ bodies, it’s easy for us to take our little brown patches for granted. They’re just one part our giant genetic jackpot prize that comes with our mutated MC1R ginger gene.

So it’s no surprise that non-freckly beings might want to dabble in life on the freckly side. And if you’re a dyeing redhead with no freckles, listen up!

Freck Yourself, a new semi-permanent make-up, uses a stencil to create realistic and evenly sprinkled freckles on your skin. Yep, it’s a thing.

Thought up by Remi Brixton, the whole thing works by applying a self-adhesive stencil to the desired patch of skin and then covering it with a rollerball of special formula that is similar to self-tanning products. Then, gently peeling off the stencil, beautiful and realistic freckles are revealed, which are designed to last around two days.

The new product is currently crowdfunding, and can be yours from $36 for a pack of 72 self-adhesive stencils and one rollerball of formula, with the full pack designed to give you natural-looking freckles for 4-6 weeks.

What did we tell you? Freckles are cool.


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