The Attraction of Ginger Facial Hair

More and more ginger men are jumping on the beard and moustache bandwagon. Growing out facial hair is certainly nothing new, but it has become a dominant trend among celebrities, public figures and hipster guys, especially during the month of Movember.

These red-haired men are clearly just as proud of the ginger hair on their face as on their head, so they happily ditch the clean cut image in favour of ginger facial hair loveliness. Whatever style they choose will depend on preference (and how much time they want to spend on maintenance), but here’s a selection of styles…



David Rayner

David Rayner for RED HOT, photo by Thomas Knights

Some ginger men only grow out their hair as far as the stubble, which then becomes a permanent 5 o’clock shadow, albeit a beautiful fiery red shadow. It’s deliberately unkempt and rugged.



Reid Worthington ginger beard

Reid Worthington for RED HOT, photo by Thomas Knights

For professional ginger men who want to keep up appearances, their ginger facial hair is grown out a little longer to form a shortly trimmed beard. It stops midway up the cheek and blends fairly evenly into their red mustaches to create a seamless ginger connection.


Full-blown beard

Gwilym Pugh ginger beard

Gwilym Pugh for RED HOT, photo by Thomas Knights

Arguably the most popular beard style, a full beard is well-groomed, which shows what gingers already knew – the redheaded man is both self-confident, bold, and red hot.

Whatever style the red-haired man chooses for his facial needs, we know that his bright and beautiful ginger colour will shine even brighter when it’s part of a full freckled face.


By Elizabeth

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