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Beauty: The Best Nail Polish Shades For Redheads

Beauty: The Best Nail Polish Shades For Redheads

The right nail polish can take your outfit from ‘Wow’ to ‘Pow!’, and well, we’re all about the ‘Pow’.

Nail polish completes your look, but it’s important to know which specific shades suit you, so what are the best nail polish shades for redheads and pale skin?

Pastels! Pastel colours are really flattering against fair skin because they don’t wash you out. Instead, they actually accentuate porcelain skin tones, so they’re perfect for gingers.

Feeling inspired? Here are some nail polish shades that do the job perfectly…




Chanel: 175 Abricot Gloss



Zoya: Cole



Revlon: Sunshine Sparkle



Essie: Lovie Dovie


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Essie: Mint Candy




Maybelline: Iced Queen


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