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TV Binge: Watch The Full Series of ‘Redheads Anonymous’

TV Binge: Watch The Full Series of ‘Redheads Anonymous’

Hilarious and witty online TV series Redheads Anonymous is doing the rounds this summer, with appearances planned for both the Irish Redhead Convention and Redhead Day UK.

The Irish Redhead Convention is the first gingerful event of the season where you can dose up on Redheads Anonymous at screenings from 11am-5pm on Saturday 22nd August.

Redheads Anonymous follows Molly, a natural redhead who wishes to win a coveted Redhead Scholarship, but must first discover, “What does it mean to be a redhead?” The comedic series also stars three other gingers, and explores people’s personal relationships with their hair colour.

Alas, if you can’t make it the Irish Redhead Convention this weekend, besides keeping your eyes glued to Ginger Parrot’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account for live updates, have a TV binge on the first series of Redheads Anonymous above. Filled with freckly fun, the five episodes will have you in stitches faster than you can say ‘strawberry blonde’.


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