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Ginger Pride Walk, USA: 14th March 2015

Ginger Pride Walk, USA: 14th March 2015


Being loud and proud of my ginger hair is something that I take quite seriously (with a pinch of immaturity). However, there was a time during my teens when having red hair wasn’t preferable at all – I just wanted to fit in with everyone else.

But now, thanks to age and (slightly more) maturity, I see the beauty in the genetic rarity of redheads – it’s a badge of honour in the form of my pale skin, freckles, ginger hair and intolerance of the sun.


And if a march through a town centre with your fellow redheads isn’t the epitome of ginger pride, then I don’t know what is.

Celebrating what makes you different is the Ginger Pride Walk, held in a town called Rome in Georgia, USA. The Walk takes place on 14th March 2015, aiming to show both children and adults alike how beautiful red hair is, and try to curb bullying in schools and negative connotations of gingerness in the media.

James Schroeder, founder of the Ginger Pride Walk, said: “In 2011 after an incident at school and talking to some other redheaded friends who got picked on, I decided to start the parade.

“Each year it has grown, with last year’s event attracting over 300 participants.”


Interested? Duh!

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The Ginger Pride Walk kicks off with the serving of redhead-themed refreshments from 11am on 14th March in Rome’s Heritage Park in Georgia, USA. At noon, the congregation of gingers will parade down Main Street, with an awards ceremony to follow for event’s online contest. These coveted prizes will be given to redheads in all gingerful shades of categories: best ginger pets, redhead families, and even silver foxes.

For more information, visit the Ginger Pride Walk on Facebook or Twitter.


By Emma


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