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Rouxssemblement: Redhead Gathering in Canada, September 13th 2014

Rouxssemblement: Redhead Gathering in Canada, September 13th 2014


With redhead gatherings popping up in the Netherlands, USA, Italy and Ireland, it’s only fair that Canada has a ginger event, too!

Enter the Rassemblement de Roux, or Rouxssemblement for short. Translated from French as the ‘collection of red’, the annual event brings together hundreds of redheads who are proud of their ginger hair and would like to celebrate it.

Set up by Céline Dompierre, the next event happening on Saturday 13th September is only the second of its kind. And starting as a great idea for a photo opportunity, 2013’s event attracted more than 400 natural gingers, so it’s fair to say that hundreds, if not thousands more can be expected to attend this year!

During the day, visitors will be able to watch live music, painting performances and of course, plenty of photographs will be taken.

The free event takes place on Saturday 13th September at the Pointe du Bush in Beauharnois, Quebec’s archaeological museum. All hair shades are invited, whether natural or dyed ginger, blonde, grey, or brunette. You just need to admire the ginge tinge!

Check out last year’s event…

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