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Ginger Hair Love: How To Do A Dutch Braid

Ginger Hair Love: How To Do A Dutch Braid

Hair Tutorial Dutch Braid - Ginger Parrot

Braids are so in right now and so easy to do, too. Show off your redhead genes with this simple, everyday Dutch-style braid.



A ponytail hair band


Hair tutorial:

1. Grab a small section of hair on the top of your head.

Dutch Braid

2. Start French braiding BUT put the strands of hair under each other instead of over. This is a Dutch braid.

Dutch Braid1

3. Continue to make your way down your face, adding more hair with every strand.

Dutch Braid3

Dutch Braid4

4. When you’ve finished your braid to the end, tie off with a hair band. Then, go back through and gently pull apart the braid for a chunkier, messier look.

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Dutch Braid6


5. Finished!

Dutch Braid7


By Emily


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