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Natural Redheads Gather to Form Ginger City For ‘Night of the Walking Red’


An estimated 120 natural redheads gathered in Troy, New York, on Wednesday 1 October, to morph into Ginger City, in association with the League of Extraordinary Red Heads!

Meeting at Brown’s Brewing Co. the gingers bonded, made friends and had a great time at the second annual Night of the Walking Red.

And at 6.30pm, a message was proclaimed through the loudspeaker…

Attention: All Gingers, Carrottops, Cheez Doodle Orangies, Auburn Types, Strawberry Blondes and Distinguished White Heads.


The League of Extraordinary Red Heads requests your presence on our deck for its annual meeting and Pumpkin Ale “Toast of the Coppertops.”


All Reds on deck! I repeat: All Reds on deck!



To check out all of the photos from the night of ginger frivolity, visit leagueofextraordinaryredheads.com.


[Images: Andy Kainz & Neil Grabowsky]


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