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Redheads Need You: Support The World’s Largest Ginger Gathering and Festival, Redhead Days!

Redheads Need You: Support The World’s Largest Ginger Gathering and Festival, Redhead Days!

Redhead Days Indiegogo 2014

Now in its ninth year, The Netherlands’ international redhead festival named Roodharigendag, or Redhead Days, attracts thousands upon thousands of natural redheads from 80 different countries around the world, all wishing to celebrate their ginger pride.

Congregating together in the cute, cobbled-street city of Breda, these gingers (the GP Team included) meet, drink, chat and make friends, spending the whole time bonding over their rare genetic connection and love of red hair.

From photoshoots to a giant ginger pub crawl, genetics seminars to world record attempts (and successes); the Redhead Days packs a ridiculous amount of ginger love into one weekend.


Redhead Days Needs You

The festival is free for all to attend and is run by unpaid volunteers, so it’s only through receiving kind donations that it can go ahead each year.

To raise money for this incredibly worthy cause, Redhead Days has launched an Indiegogo campaign, to ensure that magical and gingerful activities can be provided for years to come at Roodharigendag.

It cannot be stressed how vital these donations are. The whole future of Redhead Days, the world’s largest redhead gathering, rests on Indiegogo donations, so it’s up to us!

And let’s face it; any event that encourages redheads to celebrate their natural ginger hair colour, and have a hell of a lot of fun at the same time, is enough reason to contribute to a cause. Even if it’s just €1.

Redhead Days Indiegogo Perks

There are so many fabulous perks up for grabs, too. Our favourites include the Redhead Days wristband (above right, €5), baby onesie (€12), t-shirt (above left, €20), and Redhead Days photography book (€50).

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The Indiegogo campaign‘s closing date is 26th May 2014, so you better hurry! Please help us support the world’s largest ginger gathering, because it’s amazing beyond description, and it’s a great place where you can make many lifelong friends, both ginger and non-ginger.


RHD 2014 will kick off in Breda, The Netherlands, with a welcome party on 5th September, and will close on 7th September. We can’t wait!

For more information, and to support Redhead Days’ Indiegogo campaign, click here.


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