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Karen Gillan Wears GINGE Tee on TV!

Karen Gillan Wears GINGE Tee on TV!

Being huuuge fans of quirky Scottish lady Karen Gillan, her role as Amy Pond in Doctor Who, and her red hair, you can imagine our excitement when we tuned in to ITV’s Daybreak on Tuesday 1 October to find Karen wearing our GINGE t-shirt.

Karen Gillan - Ginge T-Shirt - Daybreak

*squeals like a big kid on Christmas morning*

Karen wore the GINGE tee in the perfect way: served up with a hell of a lot of ginger pride (good girl), and a generous dollop of irony.

Because, as you can see, her lack of gingerness makes the ensemble even cooler and funnier, if that is at all possible!

Karen Gillan - Ginge T-Shirt - Daybreak ITV

The natural redhead spent the day attending press event after press event, promoting her latest film Not Another Happy Ending, as well as talking about upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, which she can thank for her bald head.

Karen’s GINGE t-shirt appeared in all shapes of wondrous press, including Glamour Magazine, Mail Online, Express, as well as a video for Total Film.

Watch her TV interview on Daybreak here. Skip to 1 hour 55 mins for Karen!

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