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Halloween Costumes For Gingers: Wilma Flintstone

Halloween Costumes For Gingers: Wilma Flintstone

Dressing up as Wilma Flintstone has got to be one of the simplest yet most effective Halloween costumes for gingers available. You’ve got the red hair sorted (win), then just make sure you’re all in white.

Pull your hair up away from your face, and witness the transformation into the cutesy Stone Age Ginger Mama from Bedrock.


White Dress - Topshop

Topshop: £20


White Skirt - Forever 21

Forever 21: £24.75

White Skirt - New Look

New Look: £6


Pearls - Forever 21

Forever 21: £3.90

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And in true Flintstones fashion, go barefoot. Or, if you don’t fancy that, flip-flops!

If you can get a friend to dress as Fred Flintstone, well that’s just amazing.


By Emma

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