Halloween Costumes For Gingers: Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson’s transformation into Black Widow for the Avengers movies made us forget her former blonde-ish acting parts, making us think “She should always be ginger!”

It’s undeniable; Scarlett lives up to her redhead name perfectly as Black Widow, contrasting her bright shock of red hair colour with her epic black leather action suit.

Make the most of your red hair with a Black Widow Halloween costume for gingers. We’ve done the hard work; you just have to provide the kick-ass attitude.


Topshop Black Leather Jacket - Black Widow

Topshop: £55

H&M Black Leather Jacket - Black Widow

H&M: £29.99

Wet-Look Leggings

New Look High Waist Leggings - Black Widow

New Look: £12.99


Forever 21 Black Boots - Black Widow

Forever 21: £32.75

H&M Black Boots - Black Widow

H&M: £29.99

And to finish off your look?

You wouldn’t be a Marvel superhero without your chosen weapon to fight crime!

Gun Holster Halloween Fancy Dress - Black Widow

eBay: from £8.40

By Emma

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