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Out Now: About Time

Domhnall Gleeson is one popular ginger. He has acted in Anna Karenina, Black Mirror and played Ron Weasley’s eldest brother Bill in a couple of Harry Potter films, each time sporting a gloriously bright mop of red hair on his head.

And so we’re even happier that the Irish actor now gets to play a time traveller in About Time. Oh yes, and he’s still a redhead!

Domhnall Gleeson About Time Rachel McAdams

Domhnall Gleeson About Time Bill Nighy

Domhnall stars opposite Bill Nighy and (currently red-haired) Rachel McAdams (yes, another movie about time travel), in which he plays Tim, a hopeless romantic who discovers that he has inherited the ability to go back in time and revisit past experiences.

Written by Rom-Com master Richard Curtis, the movie looks to be filled with laughs, a few tears and a lot of ‘Awww’s, so remember those tissues!

Check out the trailer above, and please also note the cutest part of the movie: Domhnall’s character spawns a little redheaded girl.

Domhnall Gleeson About Time Rachel McAdams Ginger Daughter

Kudos for passing down the ginger gene!


By Emma

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