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7 Things We Learned at Redhead Days 2013

7 Things We Learned at Redhead Days 2013

1. Every ginger girl looks like Princess Merida.

Cute Ginger Kids

[Image: Richard Haslett]

Ginger kids are cute, we already know that. But it’s true; so many little redhead girls looked like Princess Merida this year!


2. Redheads can party…HARD.

Quite a few people admitted that the Redhead Days Pub Crawl was a key factor in their decision to attend the weekend-long event. And you can understand why: groups of gingers trawling the streets of Breda, having a giggle with new friends!


3. Gingers are very good at queuing.

Ginger Queue - Redhead Days


4. Ginger is the least boring hair colour (obviously).

Red hair shades

In a sea of endless redheads, you can notice that we’re not just ginger, we’re…auburn, mahogany, copper, cinnamon, strawberry blonde, golden, orange, sandy, fiery, chestnut, ruby. Multi-tonal hair is the best.


5. Blue looks great on us.

Red hair and Blue - Redhead Days

No one can deny it; any shade of blue looks amazing next to red hair, truly brings the reddish colour out of its shell and brightens the place up.


6. Guinness World Records make you sappy.

World Record Redhead Day 2013

[Image: McDonald’s]

Getting emotional about gathering 1,672 redheads in one place was something unexpected, but extremely worthwhile. We’re world record holders, YEAH.

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Here’s the moment we were told we’d smashed the world record…


7. The backs of people’s heads are really interesting.

Backs of Peoples Heads - Redhead Days

Seriously, at Redhead Days, you can spend all weekend just staring at hair like it’s natural.

And that’s what we did. In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we took photos of them. Check ’em out, can you spot yourself?


By Emma


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