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Out Now: ‘Don Jon’ Starring Julianne Moore

Out Now: ‘Don Jon’ Starring Julianne Moore

Don Jon is written, directed by and stars the ever-talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The film follows Jon (Gordon-Levitt) who values certain things in life: his house, car, family, friends and pornography.

Yes, I said porn. Jon loves the feeling of getting lost in every aspect of his pornography, and typically takes home girls for one night stands. But he can’t understand why he can’t get lost in his relationships, until he meets Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson).

She unwraps something in him that he has been looking, but can he hide his porn addiction from Barbara? And why doesn’t he feel as great with her as he does when he’s watching porn?

Don Jon Poster

Enter amazing ginger actress, Julianne Moore, with her character Esther. Jon and Esther’s first moment of screen time together happens when Esther is crying outside their college night class.

Esther is upset and Jon slips by her, put off by her incessant sobbing. She catches him in class on his phone later watching porn, and the next thing we know they’re smoking pot in her car, kissing…and other things! It’s all a bit steamy.

It seems that not only is the audience captivated with the redhead, but so is Jon, as tables turn and he seeks her out (as gingers are everso gorgeous, hello!)

Moore shines in this movie, with her character being multidimensional and raw. She still hasn’t got over a tragedy in her life, and her acting is, of course, spot on, letting us feel what she is going through. She unravels her past to Jon…but I won’t spoil the ending for you!

Don Jon Julianne Moore

If you can handle a film with some gritty pornographic scenes and vulgar swearing, it would serve you well to see Don Jon. The movie itself is about finding love for the right reasons and falling in love with it.

Julianne Moore has always been an inspiring ginger actress that I love. Being a natural redhead myself, I love seeing films that carry a dominant flame-haired beauty, and am fascinated by how they are portrayed in Film and on TV.

I’m glad to see that in this film, a ginger lady is highlighted in a positive light  – though Moore’s character is raw and broken, she still has a fiery passion and a quirkiness about her (she smokes pot and also watches porn!).

I’m pleased that Gordon-Levitt cast Moore into this film, because she was a nice fit. I would have liked to see more of her though, as the piece primarily focuses around (a fellow Avengers ginger) Scarlett Johansson, but this movie will definitely make you fall in love with Julianne Moore all over again (which isn’t hard to do)! Well done ginger lady!

You’ll be glad to know that Don Jon gets four out of five Ginger Parrots on our “Red Tomatoes” rating system!

Check out the trailer above! Don Jon is now showing in the US and Canada, and is set to release in November in the UK.

Julianne Moore’s next film appearance will be the horror remake Carrie.


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