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Redhead Days 2012 Photography

Redhead Days 2012 Photography

With redhead appreciation events happening all around the world this month, we thought we’d revisit one of last year’s, Redhead Days in Holland.

Matt Leasegang Redhead Days Photos 2012

Travelling all the way from Australia to attend the event, non-ginger Matt Leasegang scoured Breda’s town centre for willing red-haired models to add to the collection of his favourite breed.

Probably one of the biggest ginger fanatic you’ll ever meet, he would definitely win the Ginge Lover of the Year award if there was one (there should be).

And it looks like Matt can’t get enough of gingers, because he’s heading back to Breda again to celebrate Redhead Days 2013!

So if you made Matt’s acquaintance last year or would like to, he’ll be one of the pub crawl leaders on Saturday 31 August, which is a must-attend activity, we don’t want any excuses people.

So, because we know how nosey you all are, here’s a select few of Matt’s obsession. Er, I mean collection.

All photos can be found here.

Matt Leasegang Redhead Days Photos 2012 Twins

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By Emma

[Images: Matt Leasegang]

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