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Film Review: Being Ginger

Film Review: Being Ginger

One of the most fantastical things about being ginger is the sense of community redheads have when they meet.

Thanks to the colour of our hair, we instantly have days’ worth of excitable conversation ahead of us, centred around our mutated MC1R gene.

Together, we appreciate the good, the bad and the gingerfully awesome of our lives with red hair.


Which is the idea behind Being Ginger, a documentary film following the story of one red-haired man, Scott P. Harris, and his plight to find a female who fancies ginger men.

Aside from looking for a date, the documentary also portrays Scott’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance of his red hair, peaking during his experience at the Redhead Days event in Holland last year.

Scott allows the audience to look into his past as the only redhead in his class at school, when he took a huge knock in confidence after experiencing excessive bullying while growing up.


That’s the thing; gingers are such a small minority of 2% of the world’s population, that we’re hard to ignore. We just need to recognise how special that makes us.

And that’s exactly what Being Ginger does. Scott’s story presents an emotional transition from uncertainty to confident individuality. It’s beautiful, and something every ginger can relate to.

It’s a must-see for all natural redheads. Not only for the quality of the film, but to feel extra-special for an hour and nine minutes.

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By Emma


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