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Music: Red Roots, Ginger Triplets!

Music: Red Roots, Ginger Triplets!

One solitary redhead stands out from the crowd but THREE WHOLE REDHEADS? And identical triplets at that?! Mind-blowing.

Red Roots band

But that’s how lucky Nika, Natalie, and Nicole have been with their genes, who each make up a third of Red Roots, a Christian Country band from Nashville.

With a Christian upbringing, the girls’ musical journey began by joining the church choir at age five, then later going on to learn all sorts of instruments, including violin, banjo, bass, mandolin and guitar.

They’re increibly proud of the ginger gene that they share with each other, too. The community feeling that occurs with other redheads is undeniable too.

They said: “Every time we see a fellow Ginger, we point them out. We would do a fist bump or something if it didn’t seem so weird.

“It’s so cool that we don’t even know them but feel like we do.”

We got to know the natural gingers a bit better…


Have all three of you always had red hair? How many redheads are in your family?

We started out as three pumpkin heads when we were born. We’ve never completely dyed our hair a different colour, but Nicole likes to dye the underneath black or purple.

Our mom was the only one in her family with red hair. She was always told that she would NEVER have a redheaded kid though. First, she had our older brother with brown hair. Then she had three redheads at once! So now there are four gingers in the family!

Red Roots

How do other people react to your hair when they meet you for the first time?

Sometimes people get confused and ask, “How did you change clothes so fast?” We think the red hair makes us look even more alike.

It’s funny because our mother was teased a lot in school for her red hair. They would say, “I’d rather be dead than red on the head,” but now it seems a lot more excepted because it is so unique.


Do you have any beauty tips to share with your fellow gingers?

Probably the easiest beauty tip (which may not suit everyone) is to dye your eyebrows a medium brown. Our eyebrows get lighter in the summer, so they become almost invisible! Eyebrows really shape your face, so dying them helps us even without make-up.

Another tip is eyeshadow. All three of us use different shades. Natalie does the black/silver smokey eye. Nicole does more of a dark brown/tan smokey eye, and Nika uses pink/brown. Eyeliner and mascara on top of that will go a long way!

With porcelain skin, first make your skin look super even with foundation, then apply a light bronzer and blush on the apples of your cheeks to add colour.


What’s next for Red Roots?

In the fall, our third album will be released. You know how we love #3, so this is going to be special. We will film a new music video, and tour across the US and Canada to promote the album.


For more information about Red Roots, visit www.theredroots.com, and if you’re already feeling intrigued by these ginger triplets (we are!), then click play for ‘Christian Country Girl’ at the top of the page.

It’s super catchy!


By Emma

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