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Ginger Music: Chlöe Howl, ‘No Strings’

Ginger Music: Chlöe Howl, ‘No Strings’

It’s official: we’ve found the song of summer 2013. And the best part is that it’s performed by a natural ginger, but that didn’t really surprise you.

Chloe Howl

Meet Chlöe Howl, a freckly and proud redhead with a pixie haircut. She has released a few tracks so far, but her latest single ‘No Strings’ is set to be her biggest yet and will be blasting out of everyone’s iPods in no time.

Chloe Howl - No Strings

Check out the official video to ‘No Strings’ above, and get your hands/ears on it via iTunes.

And here’s Chlöe’s Facebook page, so you can keep in the loop with our new red-haired musical friend.


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