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The Most Redheads On A Plane?

The Most Redheads On A Plane?

Gingers - World Records

To celebrate the Redhead Days (aka Roodharigen) happening later this month in Breda, Holland, airline company Flybe will attempt to host the most redheads on a plane, travelling from Inverness, Scotland, to Amsterdam, ripe and ready for the event.

From the pilot to the crew to the passengers, every member on board Flybe’s BE1285 on Friday 30th August will be naturally ginger, to attempt to set the world record for most redheads on a plane.

And with 13% of Scotland’s population boasting natural redheads, it’s a cracking record to set.

Gaeron Kayley, Captain of Flybe’s redhead flight said: “I’ve always been proud of my natural red hair so it’s a real honour for me to pilot this special flight from Inverness to Amsterdam.

“The rest of the crew are redheads too and we are all really looking forward to welcoming many others on board as passengers. We hope everyone will enjoy the experience!”

Flybe - World Record - Redheads

And there are other perks included, too! All attendees will be given a voucher at the airport for a free return flight on any of the routes operated by Flybe from Inverness.

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It’s been said that a few invitees will be red-haired celebrities, so this just gets us more excited!

All we can say is, we hope the plane is bright orange. And hairy. Just covered in ginger hair.

Interested? Book your flight at Get in touch if you plan to take this special redhead flight, we’d love to hear from you!


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