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Music Review: Paramore’s New Album

Music Review: Paramore’s New Album

Paramore is back! I’ve been (not so) patiently awaiting the release of their self-titled 4th studio album ever since the announcement back in December 2012.

At first, I worried that it would not be as good as their previous album ‘Brand New Eyes’ which was released in September 2009. But I can now say with absolute surety that I worried over nothing!

Although the album is quite different to some of their previous work, I think it is just as FABULOUS and Hayley Williams’ voice (and ginger hair) yet again amazes me.

I bought the album on iTunes on Tuesday, hit the play button and the rest is history; I’ve listened to nothing else all week!

The first track on the album is ‘Fast in my Car’ which immediately had me up and dancing, as did many of the other songs. There are definitely some ‘Sad playlist’ worthy tunes in there too, though.

It is almost impossible to pick a favourite track on this album. but I think ‘Last Hope’ just about beats the other songs for me.

You can find the extremely catchy ‘Still Into You’ currently storming the radio waves and I’m positive more songs from the album will soon follow in its tracks!

Check out the official video for ‘Still Into You’ above, and buy your iTunes here.


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