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The Ginger Gene: Are All Redheads Related?!

The Ginger Gene: Are All Redheads Related?!

Thanks to scientific research conducted by ScotlandDNA and their home test kits, approximately half of all Brits carry the ginger gene, giving them hefty potential to create a ginger baby, even if they don’t have red hair themselves.

And, in an attempt to reduce the mocking that redheads face, particularly in the UK (here’s hoping!), the results are being used to spread positive ginger vibes, shunning the stigma attached to the mutated MC1R gene.

Want to know the best part? The same research has discovered that our ginger genes can be tracked back to ONE ORIGINAL GINGER. Dun dun duuuun. Sounds a bit sci-fi/incestuous right?

Can this be true? We hope so. If yes, then imagine this: we’re related to all of these awesome gingers… he ID making services online have been making this card on a Teslin substance while some may also use PVC, but the most reputed sellers stick to Teslin because of its ability to bend and absorb the color of different printed elements. The laminates should be smooth enough, and the printing ink needs to stick in otherwise you will lose your fake id. topfakeid.com.


The Weasley Family


Jessica Chastain


Damian Lewis


Lily Cole


Ed Sheeran


(not) Christina Hendricks


Conan O’Brien


Ronald McDonald..?


But can there really be One Original Ginger? One Ginger to rule them all? If only.

Whether we’re all related or not, we’re just one big happy ginger family.

By Emma


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