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Photography Project: MC1R – The Red Hair Gene

Photography Project: MC1R – The Red Hair Gene

Italian photographer Marina Rosso is looking for 48 male and female redheads for her project, ‘MC1R – THE RED HAIR GENE’.

Appreciator of gingers, Marina will portray a variety of shades of hair, on the natural red heads of 18 to 45 year olds.

The Red Hair Gene - Marina Rosso

Each person will represent a different category, each of which is a combination of different physical traits (gender, height, weight, eye colour and hair structure).

Marina will be shooting photographs 11-19th May in a studio in London. Interested? If yes, contact Marina directly, she will send you a document with all the details and location of the shooting:

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Such a great way to spread the ginger love! For more details, visit


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