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Music: Lindsay Beth Harper

Music: Lindsay Beth Harper

Always on the lookout for ginger musical talent, we’ve been scouring the likes of Twitter and Facebook for new and exciting artists. There’s plenty out there, and we love hearing from anyone with the ginger genius gene.

[Image: Amber Cather Photography]

Enter Lindsay Beth Harper; a freshfaced eager beaver, and all-American redheaded cutie, who is ready to Rock Pop/Country your socks off!

At the age of five, Lindsay experienced an early thrust into the limelight, becoming quite a child star in the US, appearing and performing her yodels on Access Hollywood and NBC’s America’s Most Talented Kid, creating a media stir from coast to coast.

Becoming popular almost overnight, the small town girl from Georgia soon decided to take some time out from musical domination to get all the growing up under her belt, as well as taking extensive dance, voice, and guitar lessons to encourage her talent further.

And despite her nationwide success as what she calls the “cute little cowgirl act”, now at the age of 19, she hopes to make a name for herself as a serious Pop/Country singer-songwriter,¬†with her latest single ‘Take It All’ (see video below), which you can download from iTunes in the UK or US.

Think Taylor Swift, but with a much better hairstyle.


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Like what you hear? Lindsay Beth Harper is in the process of recording for her EP and is touring around Georgia.

You can follow her on Twitter @LindsayHarper. Get ready for her ginger world domination though, as we know we’ll be hearing more from her soon!


By Emma

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