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Music: La Sera – Sees the Light

Sees The Light is the second studio album from La Sera, also known as Katy Goodman from the Brooklyn born and bred girl group, Vivian Girls, who’ve been active in the New York music scene since 2007. Famous for their trio of hair colours, they produce punk pop songs about love and loss, sounding how I imagine The Pipettes would sound if you spiked their cherry coke.

Katy Goodman, the ginger one that went solo (hoorah!) retains some of that edge in a couple of her tracks, Please Be My Third Eye and Break My Heart. The sound is what would happen if you put Debbie Harry in The Runaways; it’s a perfect mix of soft voice and rough guitar. In contrast to the punk, there’s a selection of soft rock tracks, some of them making you feel like you’re on a beach in Hawaii, like Love That’s Gone, others sounding like 60s rock ‘n’ roll, like Real Boy.

Once you’ve listened to the album in its entirety, you’ll quickly notice that you have the whole spectrum of a relationship breakdown. From the feeling of damaged people going about their lives as best they can, as demonstrated in I’m Alone, to the blind anger and frustration, as heard in How Far We’ve Come Now, which is a last desperate attempt at salvaging what’s left (I recommend listening to this with headphones, and TURN IT UP). The final track, Don’t Stay, is the final goodbye, and the final acceptance, but is still loaded with simple melancholy in the lyrics; you get the feeling she’ll be feeling sad for a long time coming.

My friend said to me the other day “You like quite depressing music, don’t you?” and she’s not wrong. This isn’t the happiest record in the world, but there is always a time and a place for an album. Stick this next to Joni Mitchell’s Blue and Carole King’s Tapestry, because the next time you break up with someone, you’ll want all three on repeat.

By Lizzie

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