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The gingers of ‘Game of Thrones’

Speaking as a redhead, one of the greatest elements of this TV show is the fact that over the course of the show, there has been an abundance of ginger characters. Some may no longer be with us (it is a brutal fantasy world, after all), but do you want to know why there are so many redheads in Game of Thrones? Well, when author George R. R. Martin was asked “What’s with you and redheads?”, his reply was simply:

“I like redheads. I’m married to a redhead.”

It all makes so much sense now! Here’s a brief overview of the fellow redheads who we root for throughout Game of Thrones


Sophie Turner Sanda Stark Ginger

Sophie Turner is actually a natural blonde who has a dyed her locks to a fabulous shade of cinnamon-red. She plays the headstrong Sansa Stark, a major character throughout the show.

Sansa was once betrothed to the villainous King Joffrey (seriously, this kid is the absolute worst).

Note: don’t be alarmed by Sansa’s lack of red hair during parts of season 5, it’s only temporary.


Natural ginger Rose Leslie plays Ygritte, a beautiful Wildling girl with gorgeous and fiery red hair, which is very appropriate since her character has been thought to have been “kissed by fire”, a sign of luck among the Wildlings (I’m totally stealing that term, by the way).

Ygritte has a temper that matches the fiery shade of her ginger hair.


Carice van Houten Melisandre Redhead Ginger

Carice van Houten dons a red wig to play Melisandre, a priestess who is sometimes called ‘The Red Woman’ because of the colour of her hair and clothing.

Basically, this chick is all sorts of crazy. She is a witch who boasts death-defying powers. She also gave birth to a demon baby, but that’s a whole other story.


kristofer hivju tormund ginger

Not only is Kristofer Hivju a natural redhead, he also has quite the ginger beard to be proud of. The actor plays Tormund, another Wildling character.

He is a renowned leader and raider among the Free Folk, guiding those who are brave enough (or dumb enough) to climb up and over the 700-foot icy wall.

By Elizabeth