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Redhead Map Project: The Most Accurate World Map of Gingers

It’s generally estimated (or rather, guessed) that as little as just 1-2% of the world’s population has natural red hair, but really, how many redheads are actually in the world? A redhead map project plans to find out.

Set up by MC1R magazine, the project is a massive digital undertaking, relying on individual entries to determine the global hotspot locations of where gingers live.

World map of redheads

How does it work?

Visit redheadmap.com and enter your street, city and country to plot a red dot on the ever-growing world map of gingers.

Watch how your red dot appears on the map and explore the entire world of redheads! Make sure to spread the word to your ginger pals to keep populating the redhead map, too.

Visit redheadmap.com for more information.



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