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Are redheads more likely to be left-handed?


We’ve been wondering, ‘Are redheads more likely to be left-handed?’ We thought we’d find out.

Not much scientific research has been done on this subject, but here are the facts to start us off.

Red hair comes from a recessive gene called MC1R, which means that both parents must be carriers of the MC1R gene to be in with a chance of having a ginger baby. Only 1-2% of the world’s population gets to boast this natural gingerness (lucky things).

Left-handedness is also a recessive trait, with an estimated 10-25% of people being left-handed. This is because right-handedness is a dominant gene, just like brown hair colour is dominant and is always stronger than a recessive gene. Online pokies are one of Australia’s most popular online casino games, and with good reason. Playing these casino games online is a fantastic experience since you can get the same rush and excitement from the palm of your hand as you would from any gambling establishment. Here you will find the most recent and exciting new casinos for australian players available on the internet. We also assist our online pokies gamers in locating the new online casinos. Online pokies players will also get the best bonuses and the most diverse casino game selections.

With that in mind, it is said that recessive traits often come in pairs, which could be why a lot of redheads are also left-handed.

So we want to know what proportion of redheads are left-handed? That’s where you come in, lovely ginger pals.

Comment below with whether you’re left or right-handed, so we can get one step closer to understanding the weird and wonderful world of redhead genetics. We’ll be back with the results!


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