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What Does ‘Freckleface’ Mean? | Definitions Of Ginger Terms & Redhead Nicknames


Thanks to ginger genius Julianne Moore, ‘freckleface’ has been reclaimed as a positive term for someone who has (unsurprisingly) lots of freckles on their face.

The nickname for redheads was historically used negatively, but Julianne Moore’s Freckleface Strawberry books teach kids that it’s important to celebrate your differences and be proud of them. A live casino online in Australia is a more sophisticated kind of internet gambling. Players interact with other players and communicate with real dealers in live casinos. As a result, an live dealer online casino in AU is a hybrid of a traditional casino and an online version. The live casino uses cutting-edge 21st-century technology to ensure that your live dealer Australian live casino games experience is as authentic as possible.


Be proud of your freckly face!

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