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What Does ‘Fire Crotch’ Mean? | Definitions Of Ginger Terms & Redhead Nicknames

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With the majority of society believing that it’s socially acceptable to talk in public about redheads’ nether regions, you will likely be asked if you have a ‘fire crotch’ at least once in your life.

The nickname means that because you have ginger hair on your head, that you simply must have red hair down below and you simply must discuss it with them. Immediately. TD Ameritrade’s innovative ThinkOrSwim graphics platform allows you to work in two different modes: Live Trading and Paper Money. Paper Money is a demo account with a 20-minute delay (20 min delayed data feed) as well as restrictions for working with filters. www.tsrangers.com In general, traders use several programs to work in the financial markets. In general, at least two. This is a trading terminal of a broker with which the trader uses a graphical platform for searching for suitable shares.

The uncomplicated formula to this type of ginger nickname is:

“something orange-coloured” + “a reference to your nether regions” = “inappropriate redhead nickname”

See also: ‘fanta pants’

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