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Out now: ‘Damsel’, starring Millie Bobby Brown as a redhead!

Millie Bobby Brown is back, and this time, she is a redhead!

This month, on 8 March, Netflix released its original film Damsel.

Millie, best-known for her performances as Eleven in Stranger Things and Enola in Enola Holmes, stars as the redheaded damsel in distress.

The plot follows a young and beautiful damsel who agrees to marry Prince Henry. But, Prince Henry is not just any prince. The prince is played by Nick Robinson – you may recognise him from Love Simon, Maid and The Kings of Summer.

While marrying a prince may seem like every damsel’s dream, the royal family has recruited her as a sacrifice to repay an ancient debt. So, what appears to be a classical romance film, quickly turns into a film that explores a fearless journey of independence, growth, intelligence and female empowerment. I know what you’re thinking: these elements very much suit a character with red hair.

If there is one thing that Millie Bobby Brown screams, it’s independence. Born in 2004, Millie was just 12 years old when she was cast in Netflix’s Stranger Things. Appearing on talk shows, the actress has spoken out about how she dealt with loneliness when she was a youngster – back when she was touring around the globe without her siblings or parents.

Since then, now at age 20, the star has moved to the US, adopted nine dogs and has plans to foster 23 more. Millie has also written her very first novel and announced her engagement to Jake Bongiovi – yes, the son of musician Jon Bon Jovi.

Watching Millie’s talent as an actor is one thing, but Millie as a powerful redhead…come on! Who wouldn’t want to watch?

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