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How to change up your skincare routine for winter

How to change up your skincare routine for winter

As we all know, the colder months can negatively affect our skin. This happens for a number of reasons:

  1. Humidity in the air drops
  2. The harsh weather causes increased dryness
  3. Using central heating can dehydrate the skin
  4. We stop using SPF!

As redheads, we all know how important SPF, so if you’re not using it throughout winter, let this be your (very forceful) nudge to wear it year-round.

Skincare routines can often become neglected in the winter, but this is exactly when you need to pay extra attention. In reality, people either become careless about their skin or they continue to treat it the same way they would in any other season. 

During winter it is so important to alter your beauty routine and introduce new ways to protect your skin. 

Here are five things that you can do to guarantee that you have healthy-looking skin in winter:

Use gentle products 

The cold temperatures are harsh and hard on your skin, so you need to focus on soothing your pores in the evening. A gentle cleanser will not only help to replace any lost moisture from your skin, it will also gently remove dirt.

Moisturise (more)

During the colder seasons, don’t be afraid to be more heavy-handed with your moisturiser. Trust us, your skin will thank you for it. 

For those drier areas at this time of year, such as hands and feet, slick on a bit of baby oil or a light lotion to soothe drier patches that may be prone to cracking.

Use facial oil

In the winter months, it is unlikely that applying an oil to your skin overnight will leave you looking greasy.

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Believe it or not, olive oil is one of the world’s favourite oils to treat dry skin. But, coconut oil and argan oil will also work in your favour!

Still remember to exfoliate

While you should be taking a soft and gentle approach to caring for your skin during winter, it is still important to exfoliate. 

There are ways to exfoliate by being less harsh on your skin, for instance, using an oil-based exfoliator, using a peeling face mask, or simply using a soft muslin cloth or flannel when washing your face.

Use a satin pillowcase

In the same way that satin pillowcases are great for keeping your hair smooth all year round, they are also great for stopping you from losing too much moisture from your skin. This is because the satin material allows your skin to breathe throughout the night.

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