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Halloween clown makeup that isn’t Pennywise

Halloween clown makeup that isn’t Pennywise

WARNING: For those of you who have an extreme fear of clowns, exit this page immediately. 

In our opinion, clowns are one of the scariest characters to ever appear on the streets during Halloween. Like come on, who enjoys encountering a killer clown that poses as a child’s entertainer!?

The only thing that doesn’t scare me about clowns, is their ginger hair!

Clowns are often depicted with having red hair, which is often styled into a curly afro-like shape or designed to have triangular tufts of hair shooting out of each side. 

Circus Clown:

Circus clowns are freaky because of their make-up. Being entertaining characters, clowns use the subtle, yet classic, makeup look to attract children. 

1. First of all, you will need a red nose. This could be completed by using face paint, or by using one that you can attach to your face. 

2. Next up, cover your face in white face paint (including your lips and eyebrows). A white face is the best way to complete the classic clown look!

3. Draw a diamond over each eye and colour it in with red or green face paint or eye shadow.

4. Use a red lipstick, or red face paint to over line your lips and colour them in. 

5. Using blusher, or pink face paint, add two small “blushing” marks on each cheek. 

6. Using a black eyeliner, or black face paint, draw on some exaggerated eyebrows to create a shocked expression!

Jester Makeup

Jesters are just as freaky as clowns, because technically, they are the medieval version of clowns! Freaky right!

In the Middle Ages, Jesters were known performers who told stories, sang songs, played music, danced, juggled, and executed acrobatics. 

Jesters would wear outfits that were just as entertaining as their act, with many being remembered for the classic black and white look.

1. OPTIONAL: Cover your face in white face paint. 

2. Using black face paint, or an eyeliner, draw a diamond around your left eye. Make sure that your eye marks the centre of the diamond shape.

3. Using the black paint, fill in the diamond shape.  

4. Add a black line to each side of your mouth – it should almost look like the ends of a moustache. 

5. Use black lipstick, face paint or eyeliner to cover your lips. 

6. Draw a small black diamond under your right eye. 

7. Add white contact lenses, and you’re good to go!

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Comedy Tragedy Clown

Tragicomedy is a genre of drama that merges, yep you guessed it, comedic and tragic storylines. 

The Comedy and Tragic masks of theatre are famous and well-known on a global scale, with one of the masks depicting a laughing face and the other showing a painful expression. 

As you can imagine, having a different expression on each side of your face can be extremely scary!

1. Using a thin line of black face paint, or eyeliner, draw the outline of a mask onto your face. NOTE: The outline of your mask should be smaller than your face.

2. Using the black face paint or eyeliner, draw a line down the middle of the mask – connecting the middle of your forehead, your nose, and your chin. 

3. Cover one side of your face in white paint – this will be the tragic side. 

4. Using red/black lipstick or face paint, over line your lips and make sure that the happy side of your smile is pointing up, and the other (on the side painted white) is pointing down. 

5. With black face paint/eyeliner, draw on your eyebrows. Just like your smile, the tragic eyebrow should be a diagonal shape, slanting down to your cheek. The other, happy, eyebrow should be an arched shape!

6. Add some teardrops, using black face paint or eyeliner, to the sad side of your face. 

7. On the comedic side of your face, draw on some eye creases and dimples to create an effortless and joyful look!

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