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What do redheads really think of fake freckles?

Drawing on fake freckles has become a huge trend in 2023, with people using eyebrow pencils, eyeliner, fake tan, or even henna to get a freckled face. The trend is kind of like Marmite; some people love it and some people hate it. 

But the most important question is, what do natural redheads think about drawn-on freckles?? 

Of course, it’s not ONLY redheads that have freckles, so there is no gatekeeping going on here. But it has been estimated that redheads have an 80% chance of having freckles.

So, we thought what better way to solve this big mystery than by asking the raddest group of redheads out there what they really think of the fake freckle trend. If you follow our Instagram page, @gingerparrot, then you will already know that – that raddest group of redheads is you guys!

When we asked, “Does it bother you that people are drawing on freckles?”, 55% of you said NO, 23% said SOMETIMES, and 22% of you said YES, it does bother you. 

@gingerparrot Instagram poll

For those of you that said NO, people drawing on freckles DOESN’T bother you, this is what some of you had to say: 



“It’s no different to putting on make-up, dying your hair or putting on fake eyelashes.”

“Finally, people see the beauty in freckles and want to be like me!”

“I’m a redhead without freckles and I just feel incomplete as a ginger, so I sometimes draw them myself.”

“I didn’t know it was a thing! I don’t have to though, I have enough.”

“Kinda makes me appreciate my own for once.”

“It’s flattering that people want to have them! It makes me feel lucky to have them.”

“To be honest, it makes me feel good – someone is wanting something that I naturally have.”

So, it seems like 55% of our redheaded audience think that fake freckles are a huge compliment to their own natural and unique features – and we totally get it! After all, we all know that the fakers will never have the real deal.

For those of the carrot-topped crew that said YES, the idea of people drawing on freckles DOES bother you, here is what some of you thought:

“Why? It’s almost laughable.”

“It’s ridiculous! Can spot fake freckles a mile off!”


“Don’t do it!”

“They are not one of us *wink emoji*”

“Mostly look very fake and don’t fit the person’s skin tone. Like that they are more accepted now though.”

“Get your own!”


“It’s a no from me. Nice that it’s “on trend”, but we don’t get to choose where/when we have them.”

“A lot of us naturally freckled people got bullied for having them, and now they’re trending…”

“I can understand the interest, but nothing beats real freckles!”

“*Rolling eyes emoji*”


“Yuck. I went through a lot of struggles to learn to love mine, as they start to naturally fade.”



So, not only are 22% of you more vocal on Instagram, but the running theme here was that the fight against fake freckles stems from the fact that it seems weird and almost unfair for people to be able to have unnatural freckles. Especially because these people haven’t faced abuse for having natural freckles or earned the right to wear them with confidence. 

It makes sense; freckles are a unique feature and are something to be loved and cherished – it wouldn’t be the same if EVERYONE had them.

So, what do redheads really think about the fake freckle trend?

Luckily, one of our audience members has summed it up in one comment:

“It’s a two-fold: 1) Hate it because I have had years of torment for having them. 2) Love it because freckles finally get the appreciation they deserve.”

We also asked our Instagram followers “How much do you love having freckles?”

10% said “I hate them!”

45% said “I learned to love them!”

Here comes the best part…


We say: freckles are amazing, embrace them and add some more if you want to!

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