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The perfect gifts for ginger dads 

Father’s Day is around the corner, specifically on Sunday 18 June 2023. If it slipped your mind, don’t panic…we have the perfect gift ideas that show ginger dads how much you care!

Beard oil 

Beard oil is essential to avoid a beard becoming itchy and wiry. Have you ever hugged someone that you care for, but the meaningful embrace is ruined by the scratchiest beard ever? It is not fun… 

The Beard Struggle is a brand that prioritises natural ingredients to create smooth and shiny looking beards. The brand boasts beard oils that assist with the grooming of beards, and each one has its own delicious scent! 

The ‘GINGE’ t-shirt

This GINGE T-shirt is the perfect staple piece to gift your carrot-topped dad. It is a basic piece that comes in black or white…so it will pretty much match with any pair of jeans, trousers, or shorts!

Ginger whisky

Ginger whisky! If your dad likes a tipple every now and then, then why not treat him to a personalised bottle of ginger whisky! The prescription-like label on the bottle can be personalised to read your father’s name, or just ‘Dad’. And obviously, considering it is a GINGER infused whiskey, it is even more thoughtful!

Ginger mug

This ‘You’re My Favourite Ginger Mug‘ is too cute! Almost everyone will have a cup of coffee, tea, or chai at one point during the day – so this is a gift that your dad will definitely use! It is also a simple and affordable way to remind your dad that you love and appreciation him every day.  

P.S. This would really be a GREAT gift if you were to add a pack of ginger biscuits on the side!

Gingerful shampoo and conditioner for redheads

Pamper makes perfect! The Gingerful Henna & Rose infused shampoo and conditioner is one of our favourites! Not only does it smell delicious, but the products are both made with natural and cruelty-free ingredients that will make your dad’s red hair GLOW!

Ginger chocolate

Ginger chocolate is a must-have during any celebration. Not only is it delicious and perfect for ginger parents, but a bar of ginger chocolate is a real game changer! The ginger just adds a bit of spice. Usually it is made with dark chocolate too, so it is ideal for vegan parents! Again, this is another affordable way to show your dad that you care for him and his beautiful head of gingerness!

I hope this inspires you to make the most of having a ginger dad on Father’s Day!

P.S. You could also use these gifts as a symbol of your love and appreciation for your redheaded friends and family members on any occasion!

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