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The importance of sunglasses styles and UV protection

The importance of sunglasses styles and UV protection

Heading towards the end of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, it’s important to discover more ways that the sun can affect you. UV rays can reach you even on cloudy days…yes, it strikes when you least expect it. On an overcast day, the sun can not only reach your skin, but also your eyes. 

Can the sun damage your eyes?

The short, and simple answer is YES. 

According to Keck Medicine of USC, the sun can damage your eyes when they are exposed to it, depending on the length of exposure. Sunlight can take a heavy toll on your eyes, it can result in blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and heavy watering.

And did you know, that your eyes can actually get sunburned? Once your corneas are damaged, they will usually heal on their own, without leaving a scar. 

However, damaging your corneas can cause you to suffer from conditions like photokeratitis and more. Photokeratitis is also known as welders flash. According to Better Health Channel, the symptoms of this condition include severe eye pain, bloodshot eyes, light sensitivity, watery eyes, along with the feeling of having something in your eye. 

Which sunglasses are the best for UV protection?

Scientists have stated that sunglasses with ‘100 percent UV 400’ protection are the ones to look for. Sunglasses that have been labelled with ‘100 percent UVA/UVB protection’, means the same thing, so they are also great!

Which style of sunglasses will suit you most?

I’m sure that everyone has struggled with finding the perfect frame at one point. After all, who doesn’t want a pair of sunglasses that looks flawless. The sun is starting to shine, so there is no time like the present to seek out a new pair of sunglasses! Depending on your face shape, different styles of sunglasses will suit you better. Here is why…


If your face is more of an oval shape, it is widely known among sunglasses enthusiasts, that you will suit most glasses shapes. To make your choice, all you have to do is consider what look you want to achieve. 

If you want your sunglasses to look gentle and make your face appear more rounded, then round sunglasses are the way to go. 

For a striking approach, which makes your face seem shorter and more defined, then rectangle frames are the ones for you. 

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The best shape for square faces, are round or oval frames. They assist with balancing out the sharpness of square face shapes. The classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster is a good example.


Round face shapes are best paired with rectangle, cat-eye, and shield-shaped frames. These sunglasses will help to highlight the sharper features, making your face look slimmer, and less circular. 

Heart / Triangle

Heart-shaped faces, also known as triangle-shaped faces, will also suit cat-eye style frames. To balance the face, shield, round, and aviator style sunglasses are also a winner!

That being said, the most important thing is that you wear a pair of sunglasses that you feel most comfortable in. If you love them…wear them!

To help you find your perfect sunglasses style match further, Ray-Ban has set up Frame Advisor Technology. This website will scan your face, analysing it for the shape, size, and features. Good luck!

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