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All about Redhead Revolution, make-up and skincare brand for gingers

All about Redhead Revolution, make-up and skincare brand for gingers

The beauty industry does a lot for celebrating unique features, but for redheads, there are few brands that cater to our needs. Tinted moisturiser that doesn’t make you look orange, mascara that isn’t some shade of black, and a brow product that actually suits you, just aren’t easy to find.

Since 2015, Redhead Revolution has recognised the need for ginger-friendly skincare and make-up products. And just this month, they have rebranded, introducing new lines and really honing in on what they do best: creating redhead-friendly products that work.

We spoke to Redhead Revolution’s founder, Katelin Loveless, about why she set up the beauty brand and how she believes it can boost confidence for redheads.

Why did you set up Redhead Revolution?

Quite simply, I set up Redhead Revolution because I really wanted a light brown mascara for myself. I had tried all the brown mascaras I could find and they were either still too dark or just low quality. So I actually started making what would become the Gingerlash Mascara for myself in my kitchen.

What is your mission with Redhead Revolution?

We’re here to make sure redheads get to define beauty on their own terms. We’re committed to enhance, not conceal, all redheads’ classic, splendid features. I want the 2% to know that we are on their side.

Tell us about what you have in your product range.

It’s a small, carefully developed selection. We’re committed to offering products that redheads need but aren’t easily found in the larger market. Our current collection includes tinted moisturizer, mascara, brow tint, eyeshadow palettes, lipstick, and a daily sunscreen.

Ah, sunscreen, the holy grail! How are your products different from mainstream products?

All colors, shades, and their combinations we offer are specifically for redheads. For example, we didn’t just make a light brown mascara when we created the Genuine Ginger, we made a light brown mascara with a redhead’s unique colouring in mind. Also, we insist on rigorous quality standards when it comes to every product. Everything we offer is paraben-free and cruelty-free.

How did you choose what products to create?

We designed products that we considered to be essential but not easily found or chosen at your local drugstore or make-up store. Part of what we wanted to offer was a more enjoyable shopping process so instead of inundating our customers with a ton of products, we created a line of essentials from which we can build on based on real redhead needs.

How did you get into this line of work?

My professional background was actually in academia. I started Redhead Revolution shortly after I got my Masters in Philosophy from the University of Chicago. I got into the make-up biz truly out of necessity.

After I had officially started Redhead Revolution, I realized that as much as I loved pondering existential angst, this was the right path for me. I’d like to think it will have a greater impact on others’ confidence in making their way through the world.

And what has been the response?

Overall, the response to this new line has been intensely positive. This new phase really represents all the lessons we’ve learned from our customers over the last five years; it is a more focused and intentional product line.

That said, it was hard to part with the O.G. Gingerlash Mascara formula. We knew there would be trade-offs and a few of our longtime customers still ask for the prior formula. However, we really wanted to offer more volume and water-resistance – this was a frequent customer request over the years.

Do you feel closer to the redhead community from creating your brand?

Oh yeah, definitely. I think there is a real sense of solidarity between redheads. We all share an obvious talking point that many a stranger enjoys commenting on – whether it’s a sweet older lady asking who you got your gorgeous red hair from or a dive bar bouncer who always makes the same ridiculous redhead joke every time you see him. I love getting to be a special part of a community of redheads, sharing make-up and life burdens.

What was it like for you growing up with red hair?

I loved it. Unlike other kids, my nicknames were predetermined. “Carrot-top?” “Red?” “Fire-crotch?” Alright, sure. It was nice having no surprises in that area. Also, everyone presumed I was extra scrappy.

Do you feel like attitudes to having red hair are changing?

Not really. Redheads will always get some extra attention. I do think it helps to know that there is a community of us out there, sharing in all the pains and joys.

Redhead Revolution products are available to purchase from the Ginger Parrot store

Interview by Emma


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