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Music: ‘Radio Redhead’ Vol. 1, by Karen Elson

Music: ‘Radio Redhead’ Vol. 1, by Karen Elson

Model turned author turned musican, Karen Elson’s got it all. She’s a redhead too, so that just gives her extra points in our eyes.

Having released her book The Red Flame earlier this year, covering her rise to fame as a red-haired supermodel since the age of 18, her talent knows no bounds as today she releases her EP ‘Radio Redhead’.

Featuring well-known covers of tracks by Cher, ABBA, Elton John and Robyn, Radio Redhead‘s vibe is mellow and understated, and it’s perfect listening for the holidays. The final track is a cover of Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’, a song that has become something of an anthem this year, and it’s exactly what we need.

Whether you’re baking, entertaining or chilling out with a good book by the fire, Radio Redhead is like slipping into a warm, comforting bath for your ears.

It’s called ‘Vol. 1’ too, so we’re hopeful for more Radio Redhead-edness from Elson in the not-too-distant future.

Listen to Radio Redhead here

By Emma

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