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Hollywood Ginge: new gin brand inspired by red hair

Hollywood Ginge: new gin brand inspired by red hair

When a redhead turns their hand to creating their own range of gin, where do you expect their inspiration comes from? Why, gingerness, of course!

Redheaded actor Gary Hollywood, known for his role in BBC’s Mrs. Brown’s Boys, has launched his own brand of gin, naming it ‘Hollywood Ginge’.

Combining 12 carefully selected botanicals, including dandelion, elderberries, and, of course, our faithful friend ginger, the Hollywood Ginge embodies fun and freshness into your tipple.

We asked Gary Hollywood about why he started Hollywood Ginge, and about his relationship with his redhead identity.

What made you decide to create your own brand of gin?

For many years now I’ve loved gin and it was on my bucket list for some time to crest my own. So here we are! A little bit of tongue in cheek throwing in the Ginge.

Have you always been a proud redhead?

Yes, I have three older brothers and I was the only redhead. At the age of 12 when I went for my first audition for Taggart, they were looking for a blonde-headed boy. Fifty-eight kids in one room all blonde and then there was me. The director Sarah Hellings reminded me to be proud of my colour. It brought me luck I think, as I got the job.

What was it like for you growing up with red hair?

I always felt like I stood out and of course went through the name-calling but I rose above it. I always had the answer for the bullies, my red hair got me on TV!

Do you feel that being a redhead contributes to your identity?

Yes I do, you will always hear people say “you know the Scottish actor Gary Hollywood with the ginger hair” so it just comes part and parcel with my name.

What are your plans for Hollywood Ginge?

Thanks to COVID and the world we are living in at the moment, it had taken a year to get Hollywood Ginge out! Of course I would love Hollywood Ginge to be in every bar, restaurant and airport you pass through.

Where can we buy it from?

For the moment Hollywood Ginge is sold exclusively online at Distillers Kitchen.

Who knows, maybe sometime soon you’ll be able to simply go to a bar and say ‘Ginge, please’!

Hollywood Ginge can be purchased from Distillers Kitchen for £32.50, and you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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