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Are you an Authentic Ginger? Join the club!

Are you an Authentic Ginger? Join the club!

Natural redheads, listen up! Being of the oh-so rare kind of human, it’s nice to be recognised for your awesomeness once in a while, isn’t it? After all, you’re doing a great service to Gingerkind by spreading positivity around red hair, and you should be rewarded for that!

Handing out such accolades is Authentic Ginger Clothing Co. The Canadian-based brand is driven to empower redheads through their newly launched Authentic Stories initiative. The idea behind it is to have ambassadors who help to fly the flag for gingerness loud and proud.

We spoke to co-founder Darin Roche, who told us: “Authentic Stories is a celebration of the redhead culture throughout the world – exposing the rarity and uniqueness of being a ginger.”

To become part of the club, Authentic Ginger Clothing Co’s team asks aspiring ambassadors to submit their answers to a short survey on their life as a redhead. Entrants can be any age and from anywhere in the world. Those who are selected to participate will then be featured on Authentic Ginger Clothing Co’s website along with their stories.

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Darin continues: “The reception has been great. With participants coming from the Atlantic Provinces, the rest of Canada, USA, Scotland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. As a photographer my vision is to be able to visit each and every country on our participant list and photograph them myself, as I know exactly what I need in each photo segment.”

Authentic Ginger Clothing Co sells ginger-pride-infused merchandise on their website, but they are so much more than just clothing. Set up by Darin Roche and Sheva Solomon, partners in business and in life, the company is an homage to their four children, all different personality and all ginger-haired. The company’s mission is to provide an open forum for redheads and to encourage individuality and originality.

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